• Abigail Houghton

Christmas 2020: Maddox Legal's Charity Donation to Crisis

Whilst it is a shame that the staff at Maddox will not be able to get together this year for seasonal festivities, we recognise collectively just how fortunate we are. This year has proved challenging for many individuals and only heightened the struggles of the underprivileged. This is why in lieu of a Christmas party, we will be donating to those less fortunate than us this Christmas. Maddox has chosen to make a donation to Crisis, a well-recognised charity seeking to support the homeless.

Crisis work alongside homeless people to provide education, training and support with housing, employment and health with the aim of supporting people out of homelessness for good. The help provided by Crisis is vital to those seeking to rebuild their lives and we are proud to support this essential initiative.

Whilst our office party may not get underway this year, we hope that this gesture helps pave the way for more positive times in more meaningful ways.

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