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Hundreds of cat deaths from feline pancytopenia in 2021 – potentially caused by pet food

The Royal Veterinary College is aware of 528 cases of pancytopenia this year alone, whereby the number of blood cells in felines rapidly decrease causing serious illness, with a 63.5 per cent death rate recorded. It is however likely that the true figures are significantly higher.

In June this year Sainsbury’s hypoallergenic cat foods, Applaws and AVA (a Pets at Home brand) were recalled and an investigation begun by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) into a possible link between the recalled food and the current high number of feline pancytopenia cases.

Concern regarding the safety of the aforementioned cat food has been recorded on and customers have been advised not to feed these products to their cats.

Hundreds of families have not only suffered the loss of their pets as a result of pancytopenia but are now also facing substantial vet bills.

The Senior Partner lost his cat, Truffle, to this illness in June this year. Maddox Legal are committed not only to supporting the investigation into the cause of the deaths but also to bringing the appropriate action at the appropriate time.


If you would like to discuss how the above has affected you and join many others who would like to seek the appropriate redress, please click here to get in touch with our Senior Associate, Sarah Chambers.

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