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The city law firm with a difference

Our Values

In a speech given by inspirational business visionary, Warren Buffett, he ventured that the best way to differentiate a homogenous product is not to simply “please” your customer – or in our case, client – but to delight them.

In 2017, inspired by Buffett, Mark Archer and Joss Alcraft created Madox Legal.

Maddox is a law firm built around core values. These values are the foundation upon which we build relationships with clients and each other.

Maddox is built on:

Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards is paramount. Clients should trust that the firm and its solicitors will act with honesty and integrity in all dealings.

Client-focus: A commitment to putting clients' interests first, understanding their needs, and providing excellent service is crucial for building long-lasting relationships.

Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting diversity and inclusion within the firm and in the legal profession as a whole, ensuring that all individuals are treated with respect and have equal opportunities.

Excellence: Striving for excellence in legal practice, continuous learning, and professional development to provide the best possible outcomes for clients.

Collaboration: Fostering a collaborative and teamwork-oriented environment where attorneys work together to solve complex legal issues and share knowledge and expertise.

Work-Life Balance: Recognising the importance of work-life balance and promoting policies that support the well-being of staff.

Professional Development: Investing in the professional growth and development of all firm members, including mentoring and training programs.

Transparency: Promoting open and transparent communication within the firm, including sharing information about firm policies, financial performance, and strategic goals.

Environmental Sustainability: Incorporating sustainable practices into the firm's operations and reducing its environmental footprint.

Adaptability: Being adaptable and responsive to changes in the legal landscape, client needs, and market trends.

These values are actively integrated into the firm's policies, practices, and daily operations. Our commitment to these values is our foundation and with them we will achieve long-term success for ourselves, our clients and our wider community.

Corporate & Commercial | Employment | Family | Insolvency | IP/IT | Litigation | Real Estate

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Gunay Salayena


I was working towards a tight deadline and needed a one-off consultation on a complex question involving various aspects of legislation. Helen Monson consulted on the Employment Law matters, and I was impressed by the attention to detail, as well as the precision and clarity of the advice."

Gregory Conrood

VP Finance

Barry-Wehmiller Group, Inc.

The Barry-Wehmiller group of companies is a market-leading US headquartered three billion dollar turnover industrial group with operations across the globe. 

We have instructed Joss Alcraft on the majority of our English law matters over the last 8 years, particularly our mergers and acquisitions work. Joss has been a pleasure to work with – he is diligent, pro-active and highly astute. He strikes an excellent balance between getting the deal done and protecting our interests.

Guy Barker

Managing Director

BWC Group Ltd.

Having met Mark Archer professionally 10 years ago, I have used his services on numerous occasions which have included company acquisitions, restructuring, buy back of shares from minority shareholders, serious HR issues, and most recently the sale of my business to a Management Team buyout.

In all instances Mark has operated in a thoroughly professional and informative way; his communication is clear and concise and his dealings with all issues are thorough. In my experience Mark always adopts a pragmatic perspective to all negotiations. Mark is one of a kind.

Engineering Firm

CEO and MD

Working with Sarah and Don allowed us to meet our aims - always available to support when needed.